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Located in the south east of Senegal, near the border of Guinea Conakry and Mali, the Bassari and Bédiks countries offer to the visitors the discovery of deep Africa, far from any Western civilization

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Our circuits will allow you to meet Bédiks, ethnos group animist taken refuge in the mountains, Bassaris, animist population living of hunting and of cultutivation and Peuls of Fouta, Islamized population of stock breeders originating in Guinea.

Very beautiful tours made to discover the most remote areas of Senegal.

 Case bassari
In mountain bike, our itinerant raid will allow you to visit the in-depth country. Thanks to our vehicle assistance the stages can be done according to the level of the group.Lodgings are generally under igloo tents or in campings.
During trekking, your steps will lead you from stage by stage to the top of the "mountains", in quest for the Bédiks villages or for the source of Djindefelou. A unique trekking within an authentic African natural framework.

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