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 Tropical Paradise located in the south of Senegal.
Accessible in direct flight from France and Italy, our area awaits you to discover the beauty of its landscapes and the softness of its long beaches.

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Casamance VTT agency offers you trips among rich and varied landscapes, where palm plantations, forests and savannas alternate with rice plantations, bolongs and fields to finish on the beautiful beaches of the Cap Skirring.

Meet the Adventure

 Rizière d'Oussouye

 Danse Ekonkone Casamance

 Recolte du vin de palme

Meetings in the Diola's villages, ethnos group having preserved the animist traditions.
Starting from Oussouye or Cap Skirring, from a half day walk to a several days raid , our team awaits you to make you discover the secrets of Casamance.

 VTT pte st georges
 With a mountain bike, many trips , on the small paths in the heart of the forest and the bush, you will visit villages and to admire the most beautiful landscapes of Casamance.
Trekking, from villages to villages, our trips take you along to discover of the Diolas traditions.

 Pont traditionnel - Casamance

 Kayak sur les bras de mer
 With kayak, on calm and quiet water, accompanied by a fishing guide, you will discover the maritime and mysterious aspect of our area, the mangrove's galleries and the marine's birds.

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