On quiet water in the delta of the Casamance river, with two-seaters beach kayak, you will have another approach of our area.
 In a zone where 40 % of surface are made of mangrove and delta of the sea, this activity brings us closer to the environment.

 Kyak sur les bolongs en Casamance

Discovery of a secret environment with villages lost on islands, of a fauna living quietly.

A play activity, punctuated of pauses bathes.

Meet the Adventure
 Accompanied by a fishing guide you will meet the marine's birds, take advantage from the shade of mangrove's galleries and meet the fishermen and the villagers harvesting oysters.

 Kayak sous les paletuviers

 Kayak en Casamance

 Starting from Oussouye or Cap Skirring, we propose to you half day or full day trips.

Transfers between meeting and boarding points are done with a minibus or a four-wheel-drive vehicule.

Information & reservation

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